Grove Wood Heat Inc (currently the sister company to Eco-Blaze Corporation) was founded by Vincent Court in 1985. The founding company's main focus was research and development for biomass heating systems. In 2007, Eco-Blaze Corporation was established to extend the research and development process into designing, manufacturing and sales of its clean-burning, low emissions, biomass burning systems. In testing its prototypes, Eco-Blaze Corporation has worked with agencies such as Natural Resources Canada (formerly Energy, Mines and Resources Canada), the Canadian Combustion Research Laboratory, and the Government of Canada.

Biography - Vincent Court
Considered an industry leader in renewable energies, Vincent Court, the company's president and founder, has over 25 years experience. He is trained as a Mechanical Draftsman and a Stationary Power Engineer. McGill University's alternate energy research projects have beckoned the expertise and knowledge of such an intuitive inventor on numerous occasions. In addition to working with McGill University, Vincent is associated with a Vermont consulting firm whom advise the United States Government.

Vincent is passionate about contributing his knowledge and expertise on a local basis as well. He operates an apprenticeship program training welders and fabricators in conjunction with Prince Edward Island Schools. He resides on the C.S.A. Board consulting members regarding alternate energy standards. Staying true to his nature of design, he provides consultation services relating to the design of construction course at Holland College. Various firms in the United States involved in engineering and alternate energy also look to Vincent for ongoing consultation.

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